While the board continues to prepare the building and usage policies for the day when we are able to open our doors again, we do not yet have a date when that will be.  The guiding question for us around this issue is given city, state, and insurance guidelines and requirements, what is our most loving way forward? For now, our loving way forward is for us to continue to meet through online means. The board unanimously felt this was God’s invitation for us. We will revisit this decision at each board meeting, and each time the state moves to a new “phase,” giving 3 weeks after the decision before the doors open. If you have questions about this, please reach out to me by email (not reply all), phone, or text.


I said at the beginning, our building doors remain closed, but Church is not closed. We still have a mission to BE the church that is even more important in times of fear and uncertainty. We continue to find creative ways to care for others, within our church family and beyond. We continue to pray for God to be active, and for eyes to see where he is already at work. I’m grateful to partner with you in ministry and will have more information in the days ahead.



Pastor Heather