~Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:13~

The Food Share Table supports families with food insecurities in the City of Lynn during COVID-19 and beyond through a partnership with Mutual Aid Lynn and other agencies. We provide each family in need a Food Share Bag of their choice to help with emergency food care. We receive donations Tuesday Evenings from 6:30p-8p or by appointment. Agencies needing Food Share bags can contact us on behalf of their clients, or families in need can contact us directly by phone: 781-593-5742, or email: foodshare@lynnchurch.com.

OUr Food

Families needing food can choose between three bag options that best fit their tastes. Bags are packed with approx 20-30 lbs of dry and canned goods that can help provide meals for a few days time. Our bags are designed to help in emergencies as a to supplement other food resources available in the city. 

Agency Partnerships

Most of our distribution of food is through other agencies within the city of Lynn. If you have clients who need food last minute, before your agency’s resources kick in, or as supplemental to what they receive elsewhere, we are happy to share from our Table. Reach out by phone or email for more information.


OUr hiStory

The Food Share Table was begun in Dec 2019 as a small, local answer to the food insecurities we were seeing in our own congregation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to expand in partnership with Mutual Aid Lynn, thanks to a generous grant from the United Way. We are designed to be a culturally inclusive emergency pantry, coming alongside the work of other agencies in the City of Lynn who are addressing food needs.